Facebook is a social network with major innovation nowadays. That is the reason businesses in both B2C and B2B sectors compete with each other to get the attention of potential clients, even in more technical fields such as the legal one. Facebook is an essential tool to connect with your audience while building your brand and stand out more than your competitors.

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Facebook Marketing Strategy?

The social network has one of the most active user bases, with more than 2.13 monthly active users and 1.4 billion daily active users. When searching for a new services provider such as an accountant or lawyers people trust Facebook because they perceive the platform as being trustworthy.
Although search engine is still used, Facebook allows businesses to create a more engaging and personal experience for users. Facebook allows the possibility of setting up an appointment, chatbots to information regarding an organization’s services or simply reviews from previous clients.

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Facebook offers businesses and individuals two ways to get more leads: through organic marketing or advertising with Facebook ads.
Organic marketing requires more effort since businesses have to create and provide valuable content to their target audience. Nevertheless, it allows you to grow a community and your business page can act as a funnel to send you more qualified leads.
To support the organic marketing efforts Facebook ads come in place to help you reach your clientele by following targeting strategies.

Organic Growth on Facebook Marketing Tips for Lawyers

To grow your online business through organic growth you need to provide consistently valuable content to your target audience. If you are targeting individuals Facebook is a great platform to create a community of followers and engage with potential customers. As a lawyer you can expand your reach in several ways:

  • Create engine-friendly content. This will help users find your firm when they are searching for content related to your services.
  • Increase on-page engagement. When someone engages with your content, their followers will be able to see that interaction in their own feed.
  • Increase shares from your followers, other pages.
  • Build relationships. Facebook is a social platform where you can interact with both businesses and individuals.
  • Encourage previous clients to leave reviews and comments. This will increase the likelihood of people contacting your business.

Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Before starting to advertise on Facebook you need to make sure that your business page is optimized and has obtained some organic traffic and there is relevant content on your page.
When this is done you can decide on what type of ads strategy you want to implement. You can either focus on retargeting the traffic coming from your website or select different targeting criteria.
Targeting based on website activity: When people visit your website there are quite high chances they have some level of interest for your services. So what you can do is display your ads to people who have visited already your website.

Targeting based on Facebook activity: You can select the user you want to target from people who have checked your profile on Facebook or engaged with your content. Additionally, you can target people based on their location, age, language and many other criteria. You can start making a test with small budgets to see if your approach is right, otherwise is better that you check this with a consultant.


As a platform for advertising, Facebook like many other social channels tend to be underutilized by law firms. Don’t forget your customer are online more than ever so why not taking advantage of that and start building a relationship with them.

We do want to point out that advertising on Facebook is a great way to expand your firm’s reach. There are 2 scenarios we have encountered. The first one is law firm owners being paralyzed by the fact that they don’t know how to start ads campaigns and not wanting to get into troubles for making. Or law firms that have implemented paid ads and the results were not as expected because they have not consulted with a specialist.

Depending on your practice area you want to make sure you are taking into consideration possible restrictions you might have especially if they are related to politics. For that reason Bigger Law Firm has prepared an article regarding guidelines that might affect lawyer advertising.

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