Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users as announced in the second quarter of 2019, it is the biggest social network worldwide (Facebook, 2019). Facebook has been considered as a social platform, which is proper for personal usage, but this is nothing but a misconception. Although LinkedIn and Twitter share the first two place in the usage of social media by legal firms, 57% of them have Facebook accounts. For this reason, lawyers tend to avoid using Facebook for professional purposes but turning a Facebook profile into a business tool is not that hard. In the following, you will find our useful Facebook tips for law firms and lawyers to make your Facebook profile professional.

Getting started

Facebook is a crowded platform where more than 140 million businesses use its applications every month (Facebook, 2019). To get more visible on Facebook, it is strongly advised to start defining with your profession and practice area in a descriptive way. For this reason, give enough time to write an attractive ‘about’ section. People should be able to find the links of your legal firm’s website or blog easily. Show your office’s location on your profile so that possible clients or business partners can know where to go. Lastly, use a professional headshot in your profile picture and do not forget to render it according to Facebook standards. Here you can see the standards.

Observing ads

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to check other law firm’s websites to get an opinion about contents but it is not enough. Do not limit yourself with profiles. List competitors in your region. To check your competitor’s ads, go to Facebook’s ad tool via this link.

Preparing posts

Lawyers and law firms tend to make a mistake while using Facebook and that is to share similar blog articles from their websites. Consistency has a huge role in professional social media usage but making your posts attractive is up to you. Try to use different sources. A media agency or a well-known legal firm might be a suggestion for it. Having posts from different sources can create a good first impression in the eyes of your possible clients or business partners. Otherwise, they might lose their interests in a very short time. Lastly, remember to add your opinions as you share the posts of others.

Introducing your firm

Becoming visible on social media is heavily linked to your efforts that means a certain level of activity is needed. Therefore, take some time and send one-time emails to business contacts and friends about your firm. Those emails might involve recent cases you had or projects you have worked on. It is also recommended to add your firm’s website under these messages. Be patient at this step and consider it as an investment. As long as you present your firm in a proper way, new opportunities are always at the door.


Professional Facebook usage has to involve a right tone which is proper for your possible clients or business contacts. If a lawyer is easily reachable through social media, it has a welcoming meaning for clients. Remember to protect your professional identity while having a conversation.

What’s nearby?

Facebook is a great tool to discover nearby events. You can filter them and search for which type of event you want to attend. If possible, try to reach organizers and ask them whether you can present your firm in the event or not.

Lastly, always keep in mind that social media engagement and internet presence has become necessities of our time. Being online always puts you one step further!

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