Content Marketing Strategies for Law Firms


Did you know that an effective marketing strategy can generate three times more leads than outbound marketing strategies?

Many law firms use a blog as a source to distribute content regarding their law firm, news in the industry or provide valuable information to potential customers. To be able to take advantage of blogs as a source of incomes it is required a strategic approach which purpose is to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Why do you need content marketing?

Law firm content marketing is a big investment of time and resources. Often lawyers will need to sacrifice their time to create this content. A better option is to hire a marketing team to publish and promote content for them. The investment in content marketing can improve both your law firm’s lead generation efforts and the SEO performance of your website. The benefits of a well-designed content strategy do not end here you can also:

  • Establish your law firm as an authority on legal matters that your firm is dealing with. By showing your customers what clients are you helping and how providing ebooks and relevant information to your target client can boost your brand’s authority and help you establish as an expert in your practice area.
  • Improve your branding by creating good quality content. Instead of running paid ads, you can be found through the content that you share improving your name recognition and brand power.
  • Improve your website ranking. Without great content, it is not possible to rank high in Google. You would want therefore to make sure that your blog posts should be more than 600 words to start ranking and take care of the format of the content. Include visuals elements such as infographics or images to make more engaging content.

How to build a successful marketing strategy for your law firm?

The content marketing process comes down to 6 main steps:

Define your Target Audience

The content your produce should speak directly to your customer and be able to do that you need to know your customers:

  • Who are they?
  • What they read and where?
  • What industry they are working for?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What do they care about?

You should be able to identify who you want to serve and what content you should produce to better serve your customers and address their pain points.

Optimize your law firm’s website

The ultimate goal if a content marketing strategy is to generate more business. Content in the form of articles, posts, videos and other visual storytelling assets are is a great source to attract more business.

Create a content marketing workflow

When your goal is to produce thought leadership content, you do that by having a strategy in place and building an integrated system to enable that consistent creation of content.

Create compelling content

No matter how big the investment is in content when the topic addresses are not trending and top of mind in your industry, the content that you produce is not going to be viewed. Therefore you want to make sure the topics selected are well researched and address customers challenges. At the same time, it needs to be a constant source of information that brings fresh and challenging content.

Distribute your content

Once the content has been produced and reviewed is time to distribute it across media channels your law firm is using, via newsletters or articles in other relevant websites. When distributing the content it is important to adjust the message to each platform you are using.

Repurpose the content with the most traffic

Once the content is distributed the job does not end there. It is very important to continue tracking the results of your campaigns and identify the content with higher traffic and a higher engagement rate. All this information is relevant to identify what content should be produced because is relevant, is engaging and attracts the right type of customers to your law firm.

Content marketing cannot be an afterthought for your law firm, it needs to be strategically created and with a specific goal in mind. Combining different types of content formants (FAQs, checklists, articles, videos or podcasts) with authoritative information regarding legal issues you solve at your law firm you will succeed.

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