A fundamental tool

Reaching your target audience while running a business is not easy without having a LinkedIn account and using it actively. Therefore, it is good to start knowing how to use the platform and understanding its importance for legal services. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals express themselves by using its utilities such as networking and sharing posts. To be more specific, recent research demonstrates that 83% of law firms are on LinkedIn, which makes competition harder for non-members. Here are five important LinkedIn tips for lawyers to put you a better place in the competition.

Updating profile

Keeping a LinkedIn profile as updated as possible is essential because it is a mystery when to meet with possible clients or business partners exactly. Therefore, it is advised to add the latest developments on your profile. An updated profile means you also revisit your profile frequently. However, lawyers usually have a common misconception on how to prepare their profile. They assume that a LinkedIn profile should look like an online resume. That is why there are lots of profiles with full of education skills and long descriptions of practice areas. Try to keep them shorter and put offers and previous cases on your profile.

Expanding contacts

Increasing the number of your connections will directly affect your progress on LinkedIn, so do not hesitate to establish connections with your law school classmates, colleagues, potential clients (Garcia, 2018). In addition, most of the LinkedIn users take into account how you deal with your connections. Therefore, give your new connections greetings and strengthen your old relationships with previously connected contacts.

Sharing posts regularly

After preparing a compelling profile and expanding contacts, it is strongly advised to publish contents regularly. However, they should be relevant and original because users tend to avoid reading dated contents. To learn about technical elements of sharing on LinkedIn, you can click here. It is also important to add hashtags and highlight people/organizations while preparing your posts. By doing so, getting third parties’ attention will be easier than ever. Lastly, remember that having visuals such as photos or videos attached to your contents, makes them more attractive.

Becoming more visible

There is no doubt that sharing will make you more visible but it is just one aspect. Main journey is about how you spend your time on LinkedIn feed. Reciprocity rule is valid in people’s social media behaviors. To be more specific, liking and writing comments are the first steps of engaging with your LinkedIn feed. As a reaction, your contacts will appreciate your posts. If there is a comment on your content, try to answer as quickly as possible. In this way, third parties can see the contents you share. Notify your fellow contacts by sending your posts privately so that you can hear their feedback earlier. Our last advice is that sharing LinkedIn posts in other social media platform will conclude your engagement.

Out of screens

LinkedIn is a great platform where individuals can find opportunities and develop their businesses. Nevertheless, personal interaction still holds an important role in legal services. Get ready to go out of your screens. Even though these online platforms save your valuable time, it is beneficial to be open for meetings and phone calls. Last but not least, these LinkedIn tips for lawyers and law firms are prepared to make your legal service known.

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