The professional services industry is going to be radically different in a decade from now. Clients are changing their demands, employees have different expectations and the rapid technology development will be the main factors to bring disruption in legal and accounting services.
Digital technology developments are the leading disruptor. From social media, mobile, cloud, big data or artificial intelligence allow users to have access to information anytime and anywhere. Professional sectors like accounting, legal or consulting are starting to see the impact of these technologies over their developments and the change is still yet to come. But the question remains the same, are these businesses prepared for what is next to come in terms of digital disruption?
Without going any further we have researched the most common signs that indicate a company’s immediate need to start investing in a better digital strategy:

  • Nobody at your firm is taking care of setting up a digital strategy.

    There is no need to have a chief digital officer in your firm, but you need someone to take care of putting in place a digital strategy or hire an external consultant.

  • Old website and unresponsive.

    Your costumers are everywhere and now more than ever the use of mobile has reached to almost 60%. A responsive website is therefore imperative to start getting leads and increase sales.

  • You are not engaging with costumers digitally.

    Social Media allows businesses to connect faster with costumers or send newsletters to the existing ones. Having a strong social presence will improve brand awareness and costumers loyalty.

  • Decisions are not based on data.

    Legal and accounting sector deal with a considerable amount of data, but if not analyzed properly there is no use to it. Analyzing users allows businesses to understand their customer needs and make informed business decisions.

  • Digital innovation is not part of your business strategy.

    Digital has an incredible impact on the progress of your business. Adopting the latest technological innovations help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Negative feedback

    Coming from costumers requesting services to be provided faster than expected.

  • Sales are declining or simply flat.

    A non-existent strategy in place causes your business to become stagnant. That is why digital innovation offers the possibility to reach broader audiences and geographies.

  • Your competitors are launching service offerings and you cannot keep up with them.

Have you identified any of these signs in your business? We strongly believe your business transformation should be clearly defined and customized according to your needs. Not having a digital strategy in place can cause more harm than good. Meanwhile, competitors are starting to adopt their own digital transformation and move ahead. We would like to hear your thoughts and share your experience with digital innovation strategies. Write us a message and we will be shortly in touch.

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