Online internet presence has become significantly important for businesses that wish to leverage their brand quality. For law firms, it is even more meaningful hence; most of them do not develop a high-performance marketing plan. Although digital marketing plans are cheap and easy to design, law firms do not invest enough. According to a study, law firms and lawyers need to invest at least 8% percentage of their annual salary. Therefore, they can be more visible in the competition. Since most of the law firms are in favour of traditional marketing methods, they do not end up with the best results. In our article, you will find useful legal marketing strategies for law firms and lawyers.

“If you’re not online today, you won’t exist tomorrow.”

Why do you need legal marketing?

There are two major reasons why lawyers need to have some knowledge of legal marketing. Firstly, law education systems are not designed according to digital transformation. To clarify, when lawyers are in law school, they rarely have classes on law business. In fact, learning law business including legal marketing is up to lawyers after graduation. In order to overcome possible problems, understanding the basics of legal marketing plays a big role in professional life. Secondly, being able to use the features of internet marketing is a great way to find possible clients. Together with exploring new ways to gain clients, law firms can focus on the relationship with existing clients.

Specifying your law firm brand

It is important to realize that your ultimate goal in legal marketing is about creating brand awareness. In this way, your law firm can find a better place in the competition. However, lawyers and law firms tend to prepare profiles with long descriptive explanations on their social media pages. Even though what you are actually marketing is your practice area, explanations should be short and reflective. In order to have a better understanding of legal marketing on social media platforms, you can visit our previous articles.

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Creating a strong website

Having well-prepared social media platforms can be beneficial if only your home page is attractive enough to make a good first impression. Whether your possible clients reach you via an add or a blog post, they tend to visit your home page. Therefore, your home page should be representative, well designed and secure. It is important to have an ‘About’ page that defines your practice area and specialities in a descriptive way. It is also essential to have client testimonials on your website. In this way, you can build trust with your target audience. This is because review based decisions have become significantly important due to tech-related customer actions. According to research, more than 90% of people read online reviews. If they are displayed on your law firm’s website, it can directly affect sales.



After designing your webpage and preparing social media accounts, you can focus on how to increase traffic to your pages. SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing the amount of traffic. In order to create an SEO friendly website, it is useful to learn about keywords, local SEO practices and metadata. Here is a complete SEO guide for lawyers and law firms.

PPC Advertising

PPC refers to pay per click, which are online ads for
companies and enterprises. The most known example is Google AdWords that you
see at the top of your Google search. Your PPC Advertising should reflect your
profession in an attractive way. Nonetheless, using only PPC Advertising might
not give the best results. They can increase traffic for a period of time but
it is up to your internet activity again. PPC Advertising is effective if it is
combined with content marketing.

Google My Business

Having a Google My Business account can also make your law firm more visible in the online competition. It is a great way to gain popularity and traffic without paying for ads. It is important to respond to client reviews on Google My Business. Do not forget to add a FAQ section on your Google My Business. You can create your account by clicking here.

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