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FEM-START | ED-Tech Startup

Growth Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Project Description

FEM-START is an ed-tech company offering female founders educational courses via an online platform and advice and mentorship via an online community. FEM-START is the first ED-tech solution in the Netherlands that provides education, research, mentorship, and a community with the aim of bridging the funding gap for female entrepreneurs. It offers online courses that cover all elements of various types of financing.


Our growth hacking funnel strategy for FEM-START focused on leveraging the AAARR framework to bridge the funding gap for female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands as a way to boost the awareness of this project.

In the awareness and activation stage, we aimed to attract potential users through initiatives such as website redesign, lead generation, and targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. We used cold outreach using automation tools such as Meet Alfred and hosted online webinars to increase visibility and leads.

Moving on to activation and retention stages, we prioritized building a strong online community and implemented user onboarding workflows to engage and retain users. We reinforced interest through Facebook and Instagram retargeting advertisement. 

Lastly, for Retention & Revenue, we drove conversions through discount campaigns and held user feedback sessions, while user testimonials established trust and encouraged continued engagement. 

By focusing on each stage of the AAARR funnel, FEM-START was able to empower female founders with educational courses, mentorship, and a supportive community, ensuring their entrepreneurial success.


By implementing the strategies suggested above, the company achieved the following results

  • 50% website traffic increase
  • 57% increase in newsletter subscribers
  • 32% increase in Facebook followers
  • 28% Increase in Instagram followers
  • 28% Increase in LinkedIn followers

This led to 50% MoM revenue increase and an overall 38% increase on all marketing channels and a 35% MoM increase in users to the courses (free and paid).


The results mentioned above have been achieved through the implementation of the following marketing tactics aimed at nurturing leads throughout the different marketing funnel stages:

Awareness & Activation

  • Website redesign
  • Lead Generation initiatives
    • Cold outreach using automation tools such as Meet Alfred
    • Facebook & Instagram advertising 
    • Google Advertising
    • Online webinars

Activation & Retention

  • Community setup 
  • User onboarding workflows
  • Facebook & Instagram retargeting ads

Retention & Revenue

  • Discount campaigns 
  • User feedback sessions
  • User testimonials


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