Market Research  Case Study 

Kimberly Clark | Multinational Personal Care Leader

Market Research + Keywords Research + CPC Analysis

Project Description

The multinational personal care leader, Kimberly and Clark was looking to get market insights and consumer behaviour in the Netherlands. They wanted to introduce their products into the Dutch market. They needed a reliable partner to provide them with those insights and also get more information about other players in the personal care market.


We have identified the main keywords people would type when searching for personal care products, what common brands they were searching for and identified the main etailers in the market.
We have performed exhaustive research on brands, key products and main etailers in the market.
Additionally, we have estimated the cost they would have if they wanted to advertise on search engine and what keywords they should be bidding on depending on difficulty to rank, search volume and cost per click.

The business had already an existing website in Dutch and now it was time for them to apply the research and implemented an advertisement campaign.


Kimberly and Clark was now equiped with the necessary information to get started to introduce their products and they have more insights into the behaviour of Dutch consumers.


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