Metrics & Analytics

Metrics and analytics is a significant part of any successful deployment. Without continually plotting and evaluating key performance data points, it’s impossible to know whether your marketing investment is succeeding or failing. It’s even harder to refine it and make improvements over time.

Conversion Optimization

A conversion optimization process only works when each step of a campaign is tracked. From the campaign source to creative and landing page, everything matters to convert the campaign into a sale. We, therefore, analyze and predict user interactions at every step of the sales funnel. To do that we start by evaluating your current website’s metrics and provide a full understanding of the highs and lows of your domain and content. We determine whether prior SEO work requires to preform ‘detox’ or if the website’s content architecture is hurting your user engagement. Every single detail will be analyzed to build a website that better converts.

About KPI’s

We want to take your analytics to the next level and we do that by setting goals and conversion funnels based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) established from the beginning. Also, we track the website’s actions and events to provide on-page detailed engagement data. We provide a convenient Reporting Dashboard where all of your marketing data is available for review, so there is complete transparency to the marketing programs and their data.

Metrics and analytics consulting services

Our digital metrics and analytics consulting are one of the most important services we offer. Our team is fully trained in website analytics, search analytics, social media analytics. They can make sense of the vast amounts of data captured by analytics platforms and provide insights on which data to focus on to meet your goals.


Replace guesswork with real data

Our digital metrics and analytics services track how the individual components of a digital marketing campaign perform, including search marketing and social media marketing. Our team thrives on data and uses it to help you make smart business and marketing decisions based on concrete, objective information.


Benefit from our expertise in web analytics

We can help you determine whether your search engine optimization, paid search, social media and web strategies need to be modified to achieve your goals. Benefits of our web analytics services include:

  • Continuous tracking of search marketing programs to optimize and maximize results
  • Insight into Key Performance Indicators (sales, leads, traffic, repeat visits, etc.)
  • A picture of how traffic from different sources uses and interacts with the website
  • Knowledge of where site traffic is actually coming from (both physical location and referring source)
  • Clear conversion paths and potential sales funnels for increasing and maximizing conversion rates for the site (conversion optimization)
  • The opportunity for A/B testing of messaging, navigation, design and all other elements of a site to further improve the user experience and help to facilitate conversions (sales, leads and more)
  • An understanding of the content areas your audiences are most interested in

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