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Website Updates + Marketing Automation + Sales Funnels

Project Description

Uplevel DNA has increased the number of leads and engaged its customers by using personalized email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing strategies.

Uplevel DNA is a boutique consultancy working with top CEOs and leaders worldwide. They offer innovative strategies to improve and strengthen the performance of executives working across multiple industries such as technology, finance or customer goods. They offer a wide variety of leadership programs including online training, virtual retreats and executive coaching.


  • Improve website design to reflect a clear overview of the business services and programs.
  • Improve lead generation efforts by implementing and designing lead magnets.
  • Personalize communication and deliver insights to customers to deepen their knowledge about specific leadership programs Uplevel DNA is offering.


  • To improve the website design, we worked with the CEO of Uplevel DNA and her marketing team to create a wireframe. The goal was to increase the number of visitors that contact the company via their own website.
  • We implemented the new wireframe/design and make updates to their existing brand and content.
  • We also built out the store functionality on the website to allow users to purchase programs.
  • We have increased the number of leads by implementing a lead magnet and sales funnel which included a series of automated marketing email campaigns to send personalized messages to prospective clients.
  • Created 3rd party integrations using Zapier to automate contact segmentation and email automation efforts.


Note: All actions implemented were made in collaboration with the Uplevel DNA CEO and Marketing Team. We worked closely with them to create the plan then implemented it.

“It was great to work with Adriana to update our existing digital marketing platforms including our website, funnels and email automation sequences. She collaborated with our marketing team to build things for us. She was responsive, efficient and kept to our deadlines. Would recommend her if you are looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level!” 

Athena Williams

CEO, UplevelDNA


Wireframing, website design, lead magnet design, Zapier integrations with 3rd party applications for automation purposes.

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