Website Design for Law Firms

Our goal is to design a website that converts. We consider that a website’s design has to be simple and functional, always taking into account who is your customer. This is to say, our services offer building websites for law firms that attract your target clients.

We understand the competitive landscape of the legal sector. For that reason, we create solutions that aim at increasing your traffic. More traffic to your website improves brand quality and communication between your firm and potential clients. To be more specific, we optimize websites for the search engines, once launched, analyze the traffic of your website and make sure its traffic comes from potential clients.

Additionally, we design responsive, “mobile-friendly” websites, that are easy-to-navigate. As a consequence, your website is going to gain more exposure in front of those looking for your legal services.

To understand our client’s needs we have designed an intake process to make an in-depth analysis of business needs. This process allows us to create a successful strategy that provides results. In other words, we take a 4 step approach to understand your problems, clients, buying process, market and competition. Based on the insights provided we are able to suggest which is the best approach to achieve faster your goals.

The website design process contains four major parts that you will be able to find in the following. It is essential for us to get insights that cause problems. Because once all the information and assessment from the stakeholders’ interviews are ready, our focus is to develop a law firm site easier and make the final product more effective. Lastly, we believe that following the right strategy in digital marketing puts your firm one step further in the competition.

Website Planning

In the planning phase, the project scope is defined in order to outline specific activities and deliverables, along with timelines. This helps p.Xel Digital Agency set clear expectations and make sure the client is well informed about the design and development processes.

Website Design

Once the wireframes and the site structure has been defined, the next phase is to create a visual style. The overall visual style will most likely be determined by the visual brand of the law firm. Our main goal is to connect the website with all other forms of your law firm’s communications.

Website Development

Upon the design’s approval, it is time to create the design of the pages, develop new content and or refine and adjust old content. For instance, new content in video, slideshow and podcast format can be content examples to create a more captivating customer experience.

Test & Launch

The last phase is to test and assure that the site has reviewed and your firm gives approval. After finishing the testing phase and getting all the necessary adjustments ready, we proceed to launch the website and make it available for your target public.

Resources, Information & Articles

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