Integration and Automation for Law Firms

Using third-party integrations for your website is beneficial when you synchronize another platform or account of your legal service. As a matter of fact, this allows a free and open exchange of data between the website and platform you are connecting to. Many 3rd party integrations require customizations of their settings to be able to function smoothly. This is why we want to take this burden from our clients and set up the necessary customizations for them.

We have connected hundreds of pieces of software for law firms. So, it will be easy to see the expected outcomes for marketing or business process, or file management systems. Moreover, we have partnered with leading suppliers of legal technology to offer the most versatile solutions on the market. Our goal is to drive maximum efficiency and develop your law firm business with our third-party partner product portfolio. Our software collaborations include digital signatures software, file management, CRM for law firms and a broad variety of client communication software.

What are the benefits of automation?

In a profession that places a premium on time, workflow automation gives your law firm a considerable edge in your business and practice of law. Thanks to software that can automate your day-to-day administrative tasks, your productivity will skyrocket. Automation has become a key component of the legal service process. For this reason, it is important to use the fundamentals of automation regarding categorization and analysis. When lawyers analyze processes, they are composed of some extremely complex tasks and others that are very simple. Nevertheless, these tasks can be disaggregated to make analysis afterwards. As a consequence, your law firm will be able to due consideration to cases and clients.

To be able to carry out such a process we use lean thinking exercises and map all the processes carried out on a daily basis. Most of the times we will be able to either connect a third party integration or connect different pieces of software. Otherwise, we might suggest building a customized tool for your website.

Our favourite integration tool is Zapier, a third-party integration software for any number of cloud applications you might use. For example, let’s say you have a meeting scheduled in Google Calendar and you want to add the meeting to your timekeeping software. Instead of making two data entries in your calendar and time entry software, Zapier will do this task for you. Therefore, you only have to add one data-entry. The second one will be transferred to any other application you set up. You can select to connect data from any of the 500+ Zapier supported apps. Ultimately, these automation tools will transform your law practice into a well-oiled machine, condensing demanding workflows in a variety of ways.

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