React Native

According to our experience business owners that focus on bringing the most value in the least time possible mostly prefer cross-platform apps. For them we have the perfect technology, we use React Native’s capabilities to build exceptional products.

Why Us? At p.Xel Digital Agency we started using React Native from an early stage that helped us acquire expertise about how to make the most of this tech stack. Apps developed with React Native are high-performant mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android.

We assist our clients in each step, from the concept until the realization. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and enhancement of the app even after it is launched to make sure your customer does not experience any problem.

Speed Development Process
The advantage of using React Native is that developers build an app once using Javascript and that means two times lower costs to build and maintain an app. Additionally, about 90% of the codebase can be used to develop apps in both platforms Android and iOS.

Open Source
React Native is entirely open source and developers can use the frameworks and its libraries for free. The only restrictions are on the software reuse and legal protection to developers it is granted.

Large Community of Developers
React Native has gained the recognition of some of the world´s leading companies. Even Facebook one of its first developers is investing considerable time and resources to enhance the framework and update it.

Easy to Market
This framework supports over-the-air updates that are easy to implement. This means that a business can save up to 48 hours to submit an app to the App Store and up to 24 hours to Google Play.

Fast as Native Apps
React Native apps perform as good as native apps do. In fact, the user is not going to be able to see the difference between a React Native app and a Swift/Objective-C or Java/Kotlin app. Its platform-specific UI looks and feels native.

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