Project Description

CeGe, a renowned communication solutions provider, has been at the forefront of the industry since its establishment in 1974. With a workforce of over 200 dedicated professionals, CeGe initially set out to establish itself as a leading printing enterprise. Its vision encompassed the integration of comprehensive graphic design, editorial proficiency, and corporate and commercial content management services.

Over the years, the landscape of communication underwent a profound transformation, driven by remarkable technological advancements. The emergence of diverse online media platforms and a plethora of innovative technologies reshaped the industry, necessitating strategic adaptations for CeGe.

  • HubSpot CRM Implementation

  • HubSpot Training Workshops

  • Onboarding Of Commercial Team 

  • HubSpot Automation And Workflows


CeGe recognized the need to adapt to this changing landscape and leverage modern tools to enhance communication with both existing and potential clients. To this end, they implemented HubSpot as a CRM for their marketing department, aiming to streamline communication and ramp up lead-generation efforts. However, to fully harness the potential of HubSpot’s lead generation solutions, it was crucial to onboard the sales team onto the platform and integrate it into their processes.


The solution to this challenge involved a comprehensive onboarding process designed to ensure the long-term effectiveness of HubSpot within CeGe.

1. HubSpot Data Cleanup and User Enrichment

To facilitate the sales team’s onboarding, CeGe initiated the process by onboarding all users onto the HubSpot platform. This included building integrations with their existing email providers and creating necessary accounts, while also importing leads from various spreadsheets and email sources into HubSpot.

2. Process Blueprint

Once the data cleanup was successfully completed, together with CeGe we focused on mapping out an ideal process blueprint within the HubSpot portal. This blueprint provided a clear framework for the marketing and sales processes and was meticulously validated in collaboration with the marketing and sales teams to ensure alignment.

3. Sales Training

With the HubSpot portal now organized around a well-defined process, we conducted a full day of sales workshops. These workshops were aimed at instructing sales representatives on how to seamlessly follow the new sales process within HubSpot, and how to effectively utilize the Sales Hub tools. This training was complemented by the creation of essential documentation, which outlined everything new hires and existing employees needed to know about maintaining HubSpot’s health. Importantly, it highlighted the specific benefits that reps could gain from adopting the new process, ensuring swift and complete adoption.


The adoption of HubSpot by CeGe’s marketing and sales teams yielded significant benefits:

Enhanced Communication: HubSpot streamlined communication with clients, leading to improved engagement and client relations.

Increased Lead Generation: With HubSpot’s robust lead generation tools, CeGe saw a notable uptick in the number of high-quality leads.

Efficient Sales Process: The new process blueprint facilitated a more efficient sales process, reducing manual work and accelerating sales cycles.

Data Integrity: HubSpot’s data cleanup and user enrichment processes ensured data integrity, leading to more accurate reporting and decision-making.

Documentation for Long-Term Success: The comprehensive documentation provided a roadmap for maintaining HubSpot’s effectiveness in the long run, ensuring consistency and scalability in lead generation efforts.

Project Info

  • Client CeGe Global
  • Services HubSpot Onboarding & Training
  • Technology HubSpot
  • Industry Communication Solutions Provider