Virtual Island Innovation

Landing Page Design + SEO + Newsletters + Registration and webinar software
Virtual Island is one of the first initiatives to create an online summit designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Experts from all over the world gather online to discuss the future of island communities. From policymakers, entrepreneurs, academics and NGO leaders will be discussing to advance innovation for sustainability in island communities worldwide.


The assignment for this project was to design and develop the landing page to attract users interested in the topic, optimize it to engage and make it easier for users to subscribe to the event. The complexity of this project lies in the fact that additional software and applications needed to be implemented to ensure that:
1. Users can register.
2. Design newsletters to inform them.
3. Before the summit starts to make sure the subscribers interested in attending are registered.
4. Software integrations to perform the webinar are tested and in place.


The project started with designing and launching the landing page of the summit. Test if the registrations are performend accurately and all the registrants are added to their belonging lists. The second and most important part was to use Zapier to connect Mailchimp(newsletters and contact lists) to Zoom(webinar software) and make sure registrants could attend without any problem the webinar. ALthough challenging, previously to the implementation of this solution, a lot of research has been performed to build the right solution for the summit.


Sustainability and Innovation
Design, Development, Marketing
– WordPress – MySQL – Yoast SEO – Mailchimp – Zapier – Hustle pop-ups – Zoom

Virtual Island Innovation


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