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Sligo Rheumatology

Website Development + Booking System Implementation

Project Description

Sligo Rheumatology is a team of doctors specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. The team has an extense experience in treating this type of health problems and other conditions that are related to arthritis. The business is based in Ireland and their clients are basically local individuals living around their office or nearby.


The business owners needed a website to handle online bookings and also show their presence online. People searching for someone treating rheumatic diseases should be able to find their office easily. The competition with other providers in the same field is intense and  therefore the office needed to stand out, at least locally.

Another difficulty we encountered during the development phase was to implement a booking system that would easily integrate with the team’s calendar and not lose any opportunity,


We have started first to design the website from scratch under clear branding guidelines and develop the technical aspects of  the website. After this step was finished we could start implementing an email notification system to receive all the enquires via website. Additionally a booking system was implemented to be able to schedule appointments. We have managed to do this part by integrating a booking system with the owners calendar. This was really important for a more efficient use of time.


We have seen the website´s traffic increase by 7% the first months of its existence and also an increase in bookings coming through the website of 10%.


Design, Development, Booking System

– WordPress – PHP – CSS – HTML – MySQL – Visual Composer Builder


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