Start met Taal – Language Course Provider

Website Design & Development + Virtual Classroom Implementation
Start met Taal is a Dutch Language Course provider targeting newcomers in the Netherlands to learn the language. They provide multiple options from beginners to advanced courses and online classes for those who are not able to attend personally.


The school had three initial situation they want to search a solution for. 

1. Increase the number of their students without being limited by the physical space or classroom in this case.

3. Find a system to integrate with their website that would allow them to provide online classes and keep the recordings  for students not able to attend.

2. Monitor the attendance and make sure the students who were not attending were able to see the recorded class and keep up with the materials provided.

To be able to solve this problem we had to analyze different learning management systemas and come up with a customized solutions taking into account our client’s requirements.



The project started with designing and launching the website. The next step was to research and implement a Learning Management System Software, easy to use and with the features mentioned above.

We have decided to use WizIQ for the LMS implementation which is an easy to use and affordable solution. 

We have offeres training and prepared documentation for Start met Taal team members to be able to onboard new students and train the already existing students to use the platform.


All in all the implementation was a success and we have seen in first hand how the school was able to increase the number of students both in classroom and online.


Online Education
Design, Development, LMS Software Implementation

– WordPress – MySQL – WizIQ LMS

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