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Project Description

Jetting Around is a travelling blog created by Pola Anderssen that explains the her experiences abroad. As an American living in Europe she offers a different perspective to what cities in the main European countries have to offer. Additionally, she writes about other topics and events suited for an expat public.


Previous to getting in touch with us Pola had worked with other designers. Nevertheless she didn’t feel her website was a reflection of the services she was providing. At the same time the website was not a pleasant experience and needed a complete redesign.

Nowadays we see and important increase in travelling blogs and therefore is difficult to stand out in such a crowded market. Pola is a writer herself so she needed a design that reflects her brand and accompanies her words.


As always, we take into account what our client’s requirements are and for that reason we started research and analyzing the style, look and feel the website should have. After gathering all this information, we started to analyze what structure the website should have. For this part we used Wireframes to design the structure of the main pages the website should have such as about, contact, portfolio, etc. 

Once the design part was ready we could develop the website and the content, media and the rest of the visual elements that would be included in the website. 


We have seen the website´s traffic increase by 21%  three month after the website was launched. Not only that, with the new website Pola could approach other companies and pitch her services with an amazingly designed portfolio now.


Design, Development

– Moqups, WordPress, MySQL, Avada Builder

Jetting Around


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