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Project Description

Future Tech Essentials is an online store that offers the latest gadgets in the market. They are selling from smart watches, drones, cameras and other high-tech products. The platform is built on Shopify and has an increasing number of visitors month by month.


The website has started to have a growing number of visitor when they first reached to us and the most concerning was the mobile version of the website.

As we know now, more than 60% of the users will have a look at the mobile version of a website. When it comes to mobile ecommerce sales, they have increased around 30% in the last year. We need therefore to take into account aspects such as:

– Mobile website design

– Store the consumer preferences across multiple devices

– Reduce the number of plugins use

– Translation of the website in 2 languages

The priority was therefore to optimize the store to increase the number of visitors and also provide an easy to use checkout process.


We have started first to redesign the mobile version of the website to be able to solve minor technical problems and reduce the number of abandons from the mobile visits. Once this problem was solve we moved on with the website optimization to reduce the number of applications/plugins used and increase loading speed.
Furthermore, the website is in Dutch and in English. The difficulty was to translate the website in Dutch. This needs to be translated from code and therefore needs a developer´s assistance.


We have seen the website´s traffic increase by 30% a month after the website has been optimized and therefore satisfied with the performance provided.


Design, Development, Marketing

– Shopify – Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Future Tech Essentials


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