eCommerce  Case Study 

Cellasy | Multivendor Marketplace

Marketplace Development + Marketing Automation + Dropshiping 

Project Description

Cellasy is a multivendor marketplace located in the Netherlands. They help local vendors to sell their products online. The magnitude of this project is huge since they also use dropshipping to generate additional revenue. For this purpose several tools needed to be integrated and payment systems. The goal was to optimize the actions on the website and make the shop runs smoothly.


We have started this project by researching which are the right tools to build this e-commerce multivendor shop. We have then carefully selected those tools that would make the shop run without causing problems to the multiple vendors participating. We have then integrated other dropshipping integrations to be able to import additional products. This is the second revenue part the shop is going to focus on. To generate another stream of income. For this purpose, we have synchronized the marketplace with other platforms selling similar products. This step has been done after the research part has been performed. The last part was to make optimization tests and increase the speed of the website. The overall user experience needed to reflect the ease of use of the platform. At the same time, we tested payment systems to perform payments to the vendors automatically. This helped reduce the administrative burden on the shop owner. The tools we have used for this shop were:


We have achieved to build the features required and integrate different tools together. Now the eCommerce platform is preparing to launch and invite vendors and customers to participate. The shop now has a vendor marketplace fully working and integrations with dropshipping platforms.


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