Online Appointments for Law Firms

We understand how busy your schedule can get and since keeping it up to date can be a challenge. Nevertheless, your success and credibility depend on that. The challenge resides in synchronizing the existing calendar. That is to say, everyone in your team remains updated and it gets easier to find when the lawyers at your law firm are available for meetings.

We want to remove that challenge and implement online legal scheduling software that is perfectly integrated into your law firm. Additionally, we can connect it with your law firm’s website and help you become more efficient.

Why should your law practice be interested in an online booking system?

First of all, appointments with clients, business partners or colleagues are the lifeblood of your practice. As a matter of fact, it is a very tedious task. That’s why we recommend integrating an online booking system for your law firm. Your online booking system should allow potential clients to choose the right time concerning the availability of lawyers.

Furthermore, if you are using your website to generate new leads, you can install plugins on your website to customize a booking page that matches with your law firm’s branding. A law firm can create a seamless scheduling experience for their clients and allow a firm’s branding stand out. Not only you can share this page on your website, but you can also directly share it with your clients in a text message, email or email signature.

As part of the intake process, online scheduling is becoming increasingly important for law firms. Thus, more people prefer to search and schedule appointments online. By automating scheduling you alleviate the burden of calling and emailing back-and-forth for you. As a result, it enables your clients to be in control of when and how they want to contact their lawyers.

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