Vision, Mission and Value Proposition for Law Firms


Vision & Mission for Law Firms

We want to see if internally your law firm has defined a clear vision and mission statements. Crafting powerful and compelling mission and vision statements and define why they are important for the success of your business.
The mission defines your business, its objectives and approach to reach them. While the vision describes the desired future position of the company.
Elements of both statements can be combined to provide a statement of a company’s purposes, goals and values. However, sometimes the two terms are used separately.

So which are the key aspects you need to take into account?

  • Clearly identify your company’s culture, values, strategy and future vision.
  • Ensure that your company’s objectives are measurable, and your vision is achievable.
  • Establish measures to make sure your mission, vision and values are shared across your firm.

These two statements act as your compass and map to fulfilling your company’s potential.

But aren’t these statements doomed to wind up as fuzzy words on a dusty poster in a meeting room?
Well, if created with care, they are the key to living a fulfilled existence at work and building a powerful and lasting connection with both your team and your customers. If crafted with the right intention, vision and mission statements can help align your company’s efforts and focus its strengths on achieving big goals. After all, WORDS HAVE POWER.

Clear Value Proposition for Law Firms

One of the biggest challenges we see at p.Xel Digital Agency on an ongoing basis with new and even more established law firms is a lack of a developed value proposition that communicates the need they are truly solving. Value propositions are crucial to define a firm’s marketing strategy. A solid and well-defined value proposition maximizes your public exposure and helps you gain market influence, not to mention credibility and customers.

Basically, is the main part of your overall messaging and positioning strategies. Here are five steps to help you get started. The following steps will guide not only to grab the attention of media and market influencers but also will give you a competitive advantage above the rest in your playing field.

Step 1: Identify your customer’s needs
  • Ask yourself what does your ideal customer needs that your law firm has and no one else is offering.
  • Identify each one of your target audience and outline their specific needs and challenges.
Step 2: Turn Service Features into customer benefits:
  • Most customers they are not interested in hearing about your service performance, how different you are from your competitors and all the amazing benefits of your services unless it answers a very basic question “What’s In It For ME?”.
  • In this way, benefits can be turned into a very powerful value proposition message. You can summarize the emotional appeal of your service, directly speaking to their need.
  • Ask yourself: What benefit will my customers or prospects get from my service?
Step 3: For each segment, you have defined, develop individual customer value propositions.
  • Each customer has different needs and business problems. Customize value
    propositions to meet each challenge identified in the 1st step.
  • Do NOT attempt to create a single proposition that appeals to all your potential customers, instead try to group the ones with similar needs and develop a single value proposition for that group.
Step 4: Communicate your value proposition.
  • Engage, listen, and analyze what your customer is saying when delivering your value proposition. Understanding the motivations and demands of your customer is key to having that emotional appeal. Plus you may discover new or refined needs to meet.
  • Streamline your firm’s value propositions across all communications materials, both internal and external: Website, blogs, social content, video content, brochures, internal messaging docs, etc.
  • Always ensure and maintain consistency across your firm’s marketing channels.
Step 5: Measure the effect of your value proposition.
  • Again: Engage, listen and respond. Doing so will allow you to have immediate feedback on whether your value proposition is working, or not.

When properly used and executed, strong value propositions will deliver market credibility, a competitive edge, and ultimately a higher return on investment
What’s your value proposition – why should anyone listen to you?

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