SWOT Review for Law Firms


A swot analysis is a useful way to summarise the external opportunities and threats your law firm has. A digital strategy should plan to counter the threats and take advantage of the opportunities. Law firms, therefore, can benefit from SWOT analysis since their success is so tied to profitability, reputation and productivity.
In that case how you can apply the SWOT framework to your law firm?
You can start to examine which are the internal and external factor that affect your firm’s reputation or the ability to generate new leads and keep clients. It is crucial to perform this analysis to guarantee the firm’s continuous progress and profitability.
We will explain the internal factor that can affect your law firm, specific strengths and weaknesses and we will proceed to explain the external factors such as threats and opportunities.

  • Strengths. Let’s start by listing all your firm’s internal factors that give you an advantage over other law firms.
  • Weaknesses. List all the characteristics that place your firm at a disadvantage compared to other law firms and could impede your firm’s success.

The second part is to pay attention to the external factors that could affect in a positive or negative way the survival of the firm in the market.

  • Opportunities, in this case, are factors that your firm could exploit to your advantage.
  • And lastly threats. They are elements in the external environment that could cause problems for your firm.

Your law firm’s marketing objectives can vary far and wide, depending on your firm, your competition, your market and other factors. We’ll be following up with more information regarding all of these.

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