Introduction to Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Law firms have always faced a lot of challenges to acquire new business, maximize their public presence and establish themselves as credible professionals. However, the excess of technology does not help and is an extra challenge that law firms face. Our goal is to explain how digital marketing plans work and what strategies help you improve your marketing actions.

Digital marketing has transformed how businesses communicate with their clients. Is a tool that can be used alongside traditional marketing techniques, to get closer to your target customer than ever before.

Businesses in the legal sector can expand into new markets, offer new services, interact with audiences in new ways and compete with larger businesses.

What are the communications techniques that your law firm needs to master to make effective use of digital marketing?

Where do you start to plan or improve your marketing strategy?

To be able to do that for our clients we use a planning framework that allows us to fully exploit digital marketing to reach, interact with, convert and engage online audiences. We can, therefore, plan how to generate awareness, how to convert sales and which are the steps to grow customers.

Through the RACE planning framework, you can plan key activities for integrated digital marketing activity across the customer lifecycle. This framework allows you to deliver a well-executed campaign that targets the correct audience, at the right time and with the right message. But before you need a plan right?

Plan: You start by creating a marketing strategy or transformation plan for your business.
Reach: Second you want to build awareness of your brand, its services and increase the traffic of your website.

Act: Third you want your customer to engage with your law firm online to be able to move that conversation offline.

Convert: Fourth, your actions should help you achieve conversions that generate sales.

Engage: And lastly, your goal is to build customer relationships through time to achieve a high rate of retention goals.

Again, what are we trying to do here? We want to take a step back and try to build a strategic approach to digital marketing. Let’s not forget competition is fierce, especially in the legal sector, and we believe that an integrated marketing strategy is essential to define new segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for your online presence.

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