Marketing Analytics for Law Firms

Law firms handle a huge amount of data on a daily basis. That is the reason why having a Google Analytics account for the website of your law firm will ease the way you supervise who is visiting your website. Click here to set up a Google Analytics account.

Most law firms are aware of Google Analytics but they do not necessarily make good use of it. In fact, data is critical to make informed decisions faster in such a competitive environment. The reason why it is so essential to analyze the data within your law firm is because it allows you to understand your customers. As a result, your law firm will be able to analyze consumers’ needs, competition, their objectives and satisfaction. Lastly, it is important to remember that law firms always have a chance to collect and analyze data to measure their constant improvement.

Why do we need Google Analytics?

We use Google Analytics to gather all the data necessary to build a strong marketing strategy. As a consequence, we monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and assess whether these reached your target customer and goals. The four most common goals we try to accomplish when building an online presence for your law firm are:

  • Generate enquiries via telephone, email & contact form.
  • Increase interaction and return visits.
  • Determine which services or type of cases are more profitable
  • Increase engagement on social media platforms

Additionally, Google Analytics provides us insights about how to improve rankings and traffic that law firms get. Improvements reach to success if their target market can find useful information while they are visiting the website of your firm. We carry out weekly/monthly/annually reports analyzing all the information mentioned above.

The days of not knowing how your marketing efforts perform are over hence analytics help you to measure your progress. For instance, tech-savvy law firms have already understood the importance of data-driven marketing. In other words, data and analytics add value to your firm by leveraging marketing investment to a greater return. After all, early adopters will be able to get ahead of their competitors with the usage of right tools.

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