Legal Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions

I get most of my business from referrals. Do I still need to worry about being online?

​Although you might have gotten leads in the past from referrals, business networking events or your own network. Nowadays leads coming from referrals is a resource that is just not enough. According to 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report, almost 60% of the prospects still rely on referrals. This might sound like a good number but from talking to other law firms, we can confirm they are experiencing a decrease of referrals coming from their network. Therefore, you want your law firm to continue growing and to do that you need to invest in online marketing for your law firm.

Why other firms in the same sector still rank higher than me?

They are doing so by continuously working on their online presence. When it comes to digital marketing there is not only one correct answer. What you want to make sure is that your marketing efforts are consistent across multiple channels.

I have already a website and nobody is calling me. What am I not considering?

Having a website is not enough. Nowadays more established law firms combine organic growth strategies such as SEO and paid advertisement on major search engines. To generate traffic and leads to your website you need to apply some marketing basics. 

I have invested in Online Advertisement. Why am I not receiving leads?

Google Ads can be very effective when done correctly and cannot generate results when done poorly and without expert advice. Before investing in Google Ads you want to make sure is a strategy that is suitable for your law firm’s services and that you have done enough keywords research and prepared landing pages where to send your leads.

Why is important for my law firm to be present on social media?

Social Media helps you generate awareness regarding your law firm’s brand and engage with customers. Law firms need to be approachable and break the myth that “you go to a lawyer when you are in big trouble.” Having a strong online presence helps your law firm humanize the relationships with their clients and create an emotional and personalized connection.

Do people search on Internet answers to their legal issues?

From industry research we have found out that 57% of people when dealing with a legal issue, they will try to search for a solution on the Internet. Therefore trying to answer to possible scenarios on your website might be of great help. By doing this you are creating a trust relationship and increasing the chances of being contacted by the person looking for advice.

How important are blogs and why my law firm should use them?

Blogs are of great importance when planning a digital marketing strategy. You can tackle a variety of topics from news related to your law firm, industry or even news regarding the latest legal modifications that affect the services you are providing. Blog posts are a great tool to create credibility and trust with your clients. You should encourage readers to share your content and also involve the members of your law firm to create more diverse and engaging content.

How important are client reviews? And what should I do to get more positive online reviews?

Reviews are very important when it comes to creating a trustworthy relationship with your clients. We strongly recommend you to put an online reviews generation program in place and ask previous and current clients to give feedback about their experiences when working with your law firm. Learn how to deal with both type of reviews. Good reviews help to prove your professionalism. Bad reviews also happen and you should develop internal guidelines about how to deal with unsatisfied clients and see the route of their problems and if there is anything you can do to solve their issue.

Will creating new videos for my law firm help me?

Video marketing is a new trending tool you can use to educate your clients regarding services, interview employees at your firm and share latest insights in your industry. Through video marketing you create a one on one conversation with potential customers.

Will my law firm be able to compete against bigger law firms?

Being online puts everyone at the same level no matter the size of the firm. That can be a benefit for smaller law firms. If they can use internet marketing to their advantage, surpass their clients expectations and having a clear online strategy.

How long does it take for SEO to become effective?

To get results from your SEO efforts you should wait between 3-6 months.

What should I do first invest in PPC or work on SEO?

We advise you to work on your organic growth for a couple of months to generate incoming traffic and test that your website is fully optimized, the visitors to your website return and are satisfied with the content provided. The second phase is to start investing in online advertisement once you have obtained positive results from your organic traffic.

Do I need an online marketing consultant for my law firm?

We strongly recommend to hire a marketing consultant when you lack the time resources and in-house knowledge to deal with your marketing efforts.

What should I look for before hiring an online legal marketing agency?

When considering hiring a digital marketing professional we advise you to not commit to long-term contracts without setting specific and measurable goals in advance.

Look for consultants with experience, that work in a transparent way and share all the results with you. Basically, you have full control of everything is happening to your online presence.

Stay away from companies tha guarantee quick results, cannot prove their expertise or do not guide you through their processes. Have always show them what their strategy is.
A great thing about online marketing strategies is that they are measurable, therefore you should be aware that your digital marketer should consider measuring his/her marketing efforts and prove the results obtained for your law firm.

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