Legal Geek Conference is one of the most amazing conferences in terms of legal technology. If you want to know the latest news, who are the main players in the industry and learn from experienced professionals in the market, this conference is a must-to-attend one.

At 8.30 the conference started and start-ups in the Start-up Alley were ready to welcome guests to introduce them the new features, applications, software they have been developed for the legal industry. From Contract Management Applications to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Software that helps lawyers dig deeper into their contracts and data, were few of the initiatives presented at the conference.

Later on, around 10.30 conferences started and the were grouped in 4 topics: Data and Digital, Personal Development and Mental Resilience, Legal Design and Agile Working and Culture Change.

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, specialized in marketing for law and accounting firms, of course, Legal Design conferences were the ones we were paying extreme attention to see what was new in the market. The main conclusions taken from professional in the industry in terms of legal design are the next ones:

Multidisciplinary teams are needed.

 From lawyers, consultants, designers and developers all must be included to solve legal design challenges. When developing new services and products that include technology, specialists in the legal industry, emerging technologies and new resources and new business models must be considered.

Complex information needs visualisations.

 When communicating with clients, lawyers must convert complex information into a compelling story that their clients can understand. Here is where design can help to create a visual story and provide better and structured information.

Increasing need to become digital fit. 

Not only legal firms but also governments and other businesses have an increasing need to become digitally fit, from a legal, data and ethics perspective to become more innovative and future thinking oriented.

These topics and a lot more have been discussed during the conference, nevertheless, the main take away is that investments in legal technology are increasing, law firms have an increasing need to adjust to new technologies, innovate their systems to become more efficient and make better use of data. We live in an era where consumers are asking more for less and that adds extra pressure not only on lawyers but also other industries.

Finally and as a conclusion law firms especially are known for being more conservative to adopt new technologies, their systems can be decades outdated and only those firms willing to use technology as an advantage to become better will strive.


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