Lead Generation Strategies for Law Firms: 7 Steps to Boost your Sales


In this part we are going to go through lead generation techniques you can use to nurture, delight and close more deals.
Let’ say you have followed the steps mentioned in previous articles, meaning that you:

The marketing efforts mentioned above are meant to help your law firm position in the market and increase visibility and awareness.
Now you don’t want to stop at only being visible, especially when you want to continue generating leads and have a sustainable business model and constant revenue.
Basically, you want to be accessible when your potential client needs your services. For that reason, we are going to guide you through essential lead generation tools and processes that will help you generate more leads for your law firm.

7 Steps to Boost your Law Firm’s Sales

Before evaluating the tools available to law firms you want to know what process is followed to build a lead generation campaign. Essentially, there are 7 steps process to follow to create a successful campaign:

1. Create a Strategy

  • Identify what objectives you want to achieve with your lead generation campaign and establish what key metrics you want to measure.
  • Decide the campaign duration and the activities that will include.
  • Select the communication methods that your law firm will use to generate awareness: email, webinars, events, telesales, etc.

2. Define your target audience.

  • Create your ideal prospect profile.
  • Identify who is the decision-maker.
  • Define the problems of your ideal customers and how your services will help them.

3. Build a contact list

  • Leverage the existing data in your law firm and use those contacts that have the same features as your ideal client.
  • Validate your contacts to improve the quality of your list and follow up initiatives.
  • Merge the new data is there is new data with your current CRM to make sure all the information is carefully stored in one place.

4. Create a sequence of messages

  • Decide on the main message you want to communicate with your customers and how many messages are you going to send.
  • Make sure you are creating a message with your client in mind. The communication tone will be different when communicating to a CFO of a large organization than to an individual.
  • Consider your customer pain points and try to address them.
  • Try to include a strong call to action such as a study, promotion or whitepaper to show them why your law firm is a better option.

5. Develop Content

  • Create a unique compelling copy for each customer segment.
  • Decide whether it will include other elements such as graphics, images or videos.
  • Personalize your content as much as possible.
  • To make sure your message is powerful and appealing to your target customer, use a small sample of your clients’ segment and test 1-2 versions of your emails. Measure which version is performing better and send that version to your clients.

6. Execute Campaign

  • Before sending your lead generation campaign make sure you are complying with Anti-Spam Legislation applying to your country.
  • Send the campaign to your prospects list.
  • As leads come in to make sure their requests are immediately handled and your sales department is taking care of them.
  • Make sure to unsubscribe those connections that requested that.

7. Follow up/ Measure

  • Monitor the performance of the campaign and decide how that worked.
  • Compare the results against your objectives and metrics established before the campaign.
  • Document the process and insights gained by launching a lead generation campaign.

Now that you know what process you should follow to launch a campaign. The most logical step is to find lead resources. You can use other websites for lead generation and your existing customer base. Below is a list of resources from where you can generate leads. Do bear in mind that we recommend these websites as last resources since you should be able to attract clients with your marketing efforts without having to pay to obtain leads.




Legale per me

Het Juridisch Loket


Once you collect and segment your customer data, the next step is to choose a CRM were to save all the information and an email provider that will allow you to send the newsletters to your segmented data.

We recommend a combination of Hubspot + MailerLite to continue the process of classifying your connection and preparing your content. The benefits of using a mix of CRM and Mailing software is due to the possibility to track the results obtained.
For instance, with MailerLite you can see how many users have viewed the email, unsubscribed or which links they have clicked on. This will help you in the last process of the lead generation process.

There are more tools that can help you, but you need to keep processes as simple as possible. Make sure that the tools you are using provide you relevant analytics and reports that you can evaluate. Improving your campaigns is a continuous process, nevertheless, the results and benefits of lead generation campaigns are enormous.

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