Landing Page Optimization: Structure + 5 Law Firm Landing Websites for Inspiration


Do you want to know more about how you can structure an effective landing page? What type of content it should contain? Why should you have a landing page for your law firm? Landing pages are a powerful resource to drive more traffic and convert visitors into paying clients.

In this article we will guide you through the key elements a landing page should have and tips about optimizing a landing page.

What is a Law Firm Landing Page

A landing page is similar to a one-page website, and the main purpose it has is to encourage people to take action. The action can be to book a consultation, request more information regarding a specific service or simply warm leads and guide them through your sales funnel.

In fact, landing pages are created as a mean to collect customer data and encourage them to make an appointment with your law firm or request specific information. Ideally, when promoting a specific service you want to redirect your customers to a landing page that contains information about that service. An example is the website of, they redirect the customer searching for tax lawyers to a landing page explaining the tax ruling system and with a clear call to action to start the application procedure.


We want to highlight this website as an example of a landing page around one service. The same can be applied to a webinar, newsletter or an action that your law firm wants to promote.
To bring in more sales or acquire more customer data you want to make sure, in which scenarios are more effective the use of a landing page. Traffic to landing pages can come from multiple sources such as email campaigns, social media promotion and they are perfect to use when creating a campaign with Google Adwords. That is why is important to create a landing page around a specific topic and also that is the reason is better to have a landing page instead of redirecting visitors to a homepage.

Some of the key elements to include on your landing page are:

  • Clear Headline
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Client Testimonials, Awards or Case Studies
  • Benefits of your Services

Once you have clear guidelines about the content, purpose of a landing page and methods to test it, you are ready to start the design of a landing page for your law firm. To start this process a great way to prepare it is by looking at some examples from other law firms and get inspired:


immigration lawyers uk
just answer legal hotline
The examples above are a great resource to help you start and understand how to build an effective landing page for your law firm.

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