Inbound Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

When it comes to digital marketing, law firms feel challenged by the overabundance of marketing options and sometimes they just prefer to stick with old methods of doing marketing.

Now you have mapped out all the stages of your buyer’s journey if not you can go back to the previous video. You know at each stage what information they are looking for so it is the right time to start planning what type of content you are going to deliver in each stage. To make it more simple the goal of your strategy is different depending on the stage of your buyer’s journey. To do that we are going to use inbound marketing strategies. But what is inbound marketing about? Inbound marketing is about delivering solutions and opportunities that have a positive impact on people and your business.

Inbound methodologies are meant to attract, engage and delight potential customers and provide them value and build trust along the sales process. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customer, you attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business.
We will go through some of the strategies you can implement for each inbound method of attracting, engaging and delighting.

Attracting strategies

In this phase, you want to attract potential customers with quality and useful content and eliminate barriers as they learn about your company and products or services. To reach your audience you can start by creating and publishing the following content:

  • Blog Articles
  • Content Offers
  • Social Media Content
  • SEO
  • Videos
  • Ads
  • Knowledge Base
  • Press Releases

This is a lot if you are recently starting, preferably you would like to take some small actions such as putting a meetings page on your website, or a bot that connects and starts the conversation with website visitors.

Engaging strategies

When using inbound strategies to engage with your audience, ensure that the content you are providing in this phase makes them want to build long-term relationships with you. All the actions taken during this phase should help you keep in touch with potential clients. Therefore you are more focused on email marketing strategies to get in touch with potential customers.

  • Lead flows
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Conversational bots
  • Marketing automation

Delighting strategies

During this phase, you should delight customers and focus on their success and business. Therefore the resources you provide at this stage should be shifted to be more effectively distributed throughout the entire customer experience. Use email and marketing automation tools to deliver the right information at the right time and at the right person. At the same time, you should analyze your audience and their preferences so you can iterate over your shared knowledge and refine and enrich your content each time.

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Exclusives
  • Feedback
  • Inbound Links
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Automation

So that´s it our 3 step approach to deliver an outstanding marketing experience.
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