Social Media Management for Law Firms

Being present on social media is crucial nowadays. When customers are searching for your law firm online, they will also check for your social media platforms. Basically, if you are not actively engaging with your customers online you don’t exist. Social media platforms can help you reach customers in a matter of seconds.

ROI-focused social media management.
We want to help you get the most out the use of your social media platforms. As social media continues to evolve so do ad or posts formats. To create a more effective approach we advise about how you should start creating your own social media plan, implement and execute it.

Learn where your target customer is discussing topics related to your law firm.
Before starting you should define who is your target customer and which are the platforms most used by your ideal client, what content they consume and what information they are searching for when dealing with a matter related to the services you are providing.

Select the platforms you want to target and plan a marketing strategy.
On average law firms are active on 2-3 social media platforms. Depending on where your customers are you want to specialise in those networks.

Set Goals for your Social Media Marketing Strategy.
Once you have set up and optimized your social media profile you want to define measurable goals. For instance, a goal would be: “I want my law firm to achieve a 13% growth in website traffic coming from social media channels within 2 weeks.” The idea is to create time bond and measurable indicators that will help your law firm achieve growth and generate leads from your online presence.

Plan your social media content for your law firm.
Your content should be a mixture of topics that are interesting for your customers and information they need to solve their matter. Nevertheless, it is also important to be personal and approachable, therefore posts about your team and their projects shows a more approachable facet of the firm.

Be consistent when posting on Social Media.
Social Media is a continuous effort. It needs to be planned and post consistently. A common mistake that small law firms make is to start creating posts and keeping their social media plans update for a couple of months and once they start getting more clients they completely forget about it. It is advisable to be disciplined when it comes to online engagement and communications to be on top of your clients’ minds.

Measure results and track the performance of your social media presence.
Your law firm must measure the results of its social media efforts. To be the first option of your clients you will want to see what content they most often consume, what formats and if you are communicating to the right audience. Most of the times this results to be a process where you continuously improve your online presence and grow as an expert in your field of expertise.

Start taking action on your social media presence!
The field of law is highly competitive. Having a strong online presence and brand will help your law firm achieve tangible benefits, allowing you to form an online presence and a go-to place for people to find professional services. Both social media and the legal field take time and require presence.

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Your potential customers are online. There are people searching for your firm and previous customers are talking your services on social media.
What is stopping you from taking action?