Social Media Advertising for Law Firms

Organic and paid social media campaigns work better when combined with other marketing strategies, to drive traffic to your website, improve search rankings and amplify your messaging to clients.

Depending on the practice area you will focus and who are you targeting we help you select the social media platforms that will give you better results. According to our studies we have found the most used social media channels for law firms are Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. As a consequence of it we build social media marketing strategies around these channels.

Linkedin Ads for Lawyers. Unlike social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin isn’t built for consumers. Instead, it is a social platform for business and professional networking. Therefore, any type of law practice that focuses on representing businesses, organizations or companies can choose Linkedin as a platform to advertise. For instance insurance defense firms, labor and employment firms that represent employers, commercial transaction lawyers, mediators and other areas of practice representing businesses are a good fit for Linkedin Advertisement.

Twitter Ads for Lawyers. Advertisement on social media has become more cost effective than paid advertising on Google, Yahoo or Bing. On Twitter law firms can advertise their own blogs, videos, podcasts, legal information or any other information that can help drive traffic to a law firm’s website.

Facebook Ads for Lawyers. When it comes to social media for lawyers, Facebook is useful for building awareness and providing valuable information. Therefore if your law firm is providing services for individuals Facebook ads can target by demographic, behavior and interests. Facebook advertising for lawyers is an effective tool to educate your customers about your services.

Before starting to advertise make sure your social media platforms are optimized and the information you have is consistent across all channels. For example, the address, phone number and business description should be the same on all channels.

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