Link Building for Law Firms

Let’s start with defining what link building is and why is relevant for law firms. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own law firm website. The difficulty in this case lies in building high-quality links.that captivate the attention of the ideal customer.
Links are important for search engines and there are two relevant ways, search engines use the links:

  • To discover new web pages

  • To determine how well a page should rank in their results

That is the reason is relevant high-quality back-links for your law firm. When the quality of the links your website is linking to is not good, they can affect in a negative way your law firm website ranking. When search engines are looking to rank your website for relevant keywords, they also check the links to external websites. Therefore the more high-quality website that link to your law firm website, the more likely you are to rank well in search results.

To start creating quality links for your website the following categories are available:

  • Local Directories

  • Legal Directories

  • Guest Post Blogs

  • Law Blog Aggregators

  • Law and Society Websites

  • News and Journalist Websites

  • Local Blogs and Websites

  • Law Firm Blogs

The resources above are suggested in range of difficulty from easy to get links from directories to more difficult links to news websites or local blogs. The more difficult the link, the more impact can create on your website’s traffic. It requires time and consistency to build high-quality links for your law firm. Nevertheless a good idea is to also look for win-win and complementary opportunities, where cross-contributions provide value to each other’s target audiences looking for answers to their legal questions.

At p.Xel Digital Agency we have developed a meticulous process to discover and build links to your website. Each connection is carefully reviewed so your website only links to quality websites in your field.

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