Lead Generation for Law Firms

Lead generation services are a great source for lawyers to market their services to potential customers and acquire new clients. There are a handful of ways to generate leads from your online presence. They include organic traffic to your website or paid advertisement.

If you have a website and want to capitalize on that, below there is a list of actions we can help you develop to take full advantage of your digital presence.

Blogging.¬†Writing blog posts for your ideal target customer it is a great way to attract visitors to your law firm’s website. Blog posts can be shared across multiple social media channels and therefore have the ability to provide the right information in front of your target customer.

Search Engine Optimization. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is simple: Attract more traffic to your law firm’s website. By using the keywords your target customer is looking for when they search for services like yours, you can help drive the right customer to your website. But SEO can take time, it needs attention and detail to drive traffic. If done properly can be a great source of clients for your firm.

Content marketing. Content is crucial when preparing your online strategy. You want to make sure you are creating valuable and engaging content, otherwise, prospect clients will abandon the page if they are not able to find the information they are searching for,

Email Marketing.¬†Law Firms deal with an amazing amount of client information. That is the perfect source of information to keep in touch with previous or interested clients in your law firm’s services. Email marketing for law firms is often an obvious action from a marketer perspective, but often unused by lawyers and law firms.

Social Media Marketing. Social media platforms offer your law firm a great source of potential buyers. When targeted efficiently they can increase your revenue significantly. For that reason, you need to carefully identify your target customers and understand which are the most often used social media channels. For instance, if you are targeting an individual you might place Ads of Facebook, but if your target market is a company you might want to consider Linkedin Lead Generation for instance.

Online Advertising. Advertising on search engines it is a very effective tool to attract new potential customers, retarget the ones that have already got in touch with your firm or visited your website. But online advertising it is not an easy task when it comes to marketing law firms. This is due to the high competition in the market you want to make sure your investment is generating the expected results.

Track the results and optimize. These are a few techniques you want to use to drive traffic to your website. You might consider a combination of 2-3 tools to drive more traffic, attract your ideal customer and generate. This process can take time and a thoughtful strategy requires planning, tracking and measuring the results obtain, We, therefore, advise you to measure your marketing actions to be able to improve the marketing strategies for your law firm.

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Your potential customers are online, there are people searching for your law firm and previous customers are talking about your firm and services on social media.
What is stopping you from taking action?