Google Ads for Law FIrms

Google Adwords is a powerful way to convert website visitors into prospective clients for your law firm. Once the website is optimized, we plan and strategize a Google AdWords campaign that will boost your traffic and help you dominate the search results page.

Although competition can become fierce, Pay Per Click when done well, can become a critical channel in growing your business substantially. When the competition is high the price of a keyword increases as well. For that reason, we always try to optimize as much as possible the website. The purpose is to combine organic with paid SEO to obtain more accurate results.

To obtain better results when advertising is important to stand out. There is no better way to do that, but implementing the following actions:

  • Craft actionable and relevant call-to-action

  • Implement all add extensions. For example, location, call, site link, callout and review the extensions that are great to use.

  • Highlight what makes you better and why clients should choose your law firm instead of the competition.

Law firm Google Ads are effective and can produce rapid lead generation results. Nevertheless, we do not only set and forget those campaigns. We continuously analyze them to improve and optimize Google Ads Campaigns.

From our experience PPC can be less effective if potential clients tend to believe recommendations from friends and colleagues more than advertising on the Internet. It most often occurs in the following practice areas:

  • Securities law

  • International law

  • M&A law

  • Business litigation

  • High net worth estate planning

If your firm happens to be in one of the law sectors mentioned above, we recommend to use an expert who has worked many years in that particular area. Nevertheless, the areas in which online advertising for lawyers is very effective in the following areas:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Employment

  • Personal Injury

  • Immigration

  • Tax Law

  • Criminal charges

Some of these areas are associated with social stigma and clients looking for these services are less likely to discuss their situations with their closest friends or colleagues and more likely to search for solutions on the Internet.

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