Conversion tracking for Law FIrms

Once implemented a Ads campaigns, law firms need to track their conversions. Without conversion tracking firms are flying blind and do not know how their ads are performing. That is the reason you need to see what happens after a visitor lands on your site after clicking one of your ads. Furthermore, this will help you plan and optimize your law firm’s Adwords campaigns.

When tracking conversion rates, there are 4 basic ways to track your conversion rates of your ads:

  • Track your law firm website conversion by counting how many visitors submit their information on your contact forms.

  • Track your app related actions to see how many users have downloaded your application from the Google Play Store or completed an action within the application.

  • Track phone related action, for instance, when a client calls after seeing one of your ads.

  • Although more difficult and time consuming, you can also track offline actions, such as when a client walks into your office as a consequence of seeing an ad about your firm’s services.

Additionally to Google Adwords you might have planned social media advertisement campaigns to achieve your marketing goals, have an online chat system in place or built a memorable brand. To see how impactful some of these strategies, you can take a deep dive into the analytics software you are using to measure the results obtained.

What is important nowadays is data, therefore tracking your advertisement campaigns will provide data to help you understand which marketing sources are working best. Additionally, they will help you decide how to improve the conversion rate of your website and increase the number of leads. Some of the most important KPIs to measure are as follows:

  • Qualified Leads

  • Cost per Conversion

  • Online Marketing Return on Investment

  • Conversion Rates

  • Social Media Reach and Share of Voice

Therefore to measure the impact of your marketing efforts and conversion rates your law firm must use digital marketing analytics and web analytics. Applying data intelligence is invaluable to the process of improving and optimizing your marketing strategy.

In summary, the evaluation of your efforts will come down to KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Law firms should define the criteria according to which they measure how their marketing strategies are achieving key business objectives.

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