Competitor Analysis for Law Firms

Law firms must consider a wide range of strategies to gain visibility in the competition when they market their legal services. As a matter of fact, it can be challenging for law firms to differentiate themselves from competitors in meaningful ways for clients. But having a clear view of your competition can help you in four fundamental ways:

  • See how to stand out from the opposition
  • Analyze why your clients should choose your services instead of your competitor’s
  • What can you improve in terms of services offering or customer experience
  • How to add more value and to existing and future clients

We help you to collect all the data regarding your competitors and find the areas in which you can improve. In other words, our service is about observing and assessing the competition in your practice area. There are nine key aspects of their digital marketing strategy that we research:


Why there is a need for competitor analysis?

These are the main things to analyze that guarantees the success of your law firm’s marketing strategy. Once we assess the competition landscape, we create a plan for your law firm. We analyze the precise location of your firm in the digital marketplace and understand your competitors’ position.  After that, our service develops a unique strategy customized for the needs of your firm.

  1. Website Content
  2. What content of their website allows them to rank higher
  3. Number/type of links pointing to their website
  4. Local and national presence
  5. Social Media Presence
  6. Use of online advertisement strategies
  7. Frequency and quality of blog posts
  8. URL naming
  9. Internal linking

The main goal of keeping an eye on your competitors is to position your law firm as an authority and build trust among your current and potential clients. As a result, your legal firm can leverage its brand quality and have an increase in sales. Without regular analysis, it is not possible to make an accurate decision about your marketing strategies or assess whether you are gaining or losing market share. It is important to realize, the least successful lawyers ignore their competitors and the most successful ones lead their competitors.

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