Google Adwords Campaigns for Law Firms


This time we are going to explain more about Google Ads as an effective tool to bring quality traffic and leads right away to your law firm. Through keyword targeting, Google displays your ads only to those searching for your legal services.
So if you have a solid understanding about keyword research and you have done well your analysis you should be able to follow our 5 step checklist, otherwise is better to leave this in the hands of a professional from our agency.
PPC campaigns can be very effective when done correctly but they will not work if:

  • There is high competition for the same keywords you are targeting. In that case, a PPC campaign can become a money trap instead of bringing benefits to your firm.
  • Having a non-professional approach and not enough knowledge.

To avoid falling in the above traps we are going to explain:

  • what practice areas is more effective to use Google Adwords PPC
  • what information should you know about your client
  • top keywords and SEO strategies
  • how to run and measure a PPC campaign

There are several practice areas in which recommendations from friends or colleagues are more trustworthy than the internet. This happens in areas such as:

  • International Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Business Litigation
  • or high net worth estate planning.

Now if your law firm is specialized in one of the areas mentioned above a PPC campaign might not be so effective. However, your marketing strategy might be slightly different in this type of cases. We recommend therefore to always consult with a specialized digital marketing agency such as ours.

So for what practice areas a PPC campaign is going to be more effective?

  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment matters
  • Criminal charges
  • Personal injury
  • Immigration Law

Basically these areas are associated with personal situation that people would not find the answer from their friends and as a consequence, they are more likely to search the answer on the Internet.

Now in previous articles, we have explained how to define your target audience, you understand more about keywords, if you don’t you can go back to and read them again.
How do you start and which are the first steps you need to define?

Define the geographic areas you serve.

You will want to target leads close to where your office is located or to a place you can reach and meet your clients. Google Ads platform lets you choose what areas you can target and define who will see your results.

Create compelling ad copy and text for all ideal client segments.

The way you write your ad copy should be as specific as possible. This is because Google Adwords and SEO are so competitive in the legal industry that lawyers end up paying a huge amount of their marketing budgets just to be able to show up in search results and generate traffic to their website.

Optimize your landing pages.

Within your Google Ads platform, the landing page is the page that your ad directs traffic to when it is clicked on. Therefore the landing page goal is to get the visitor to take a specific action and for most law firms that action tends to be getting calls or filled contact forms with the information of their clients. In that case, you need to make sure your website is optimized and designed to accomplish those objectives.

Test key components of your AdWords campaign

such as landing pages, bidding strategies, ads, messaging & copy and conversion by the device. Each one of these elements helps you finetune your campaigns and get the maximum potential from your ads budget.

Run a remarketing campaign:

After doing a lot of work to increase conversions, not all the users that get to your site are going to hire your services. Another way to increase the conversion rate is to run remarketing campaigns. In this case, is better to use a professional digital marketeer since the remarketing campaign, especially for lawyers, can be banned from Google. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your law firm.

These were the main steps to get you started with a google campaign. Google Adwords is a very powerful tool that you can use to increase the number of leads coming to your firm. We can recommend a few apps that will help you to manage them. But when it comes to Google Adwords is critical to hire a professional and that’s why we are here.

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