Free Digital Marketing Audit

Do you want to know how much ROI are you obtaining from your marketing efforts?

Learn more about your website, SEO, competitors and social media presence. This audit is going to uncover missed digital marketing opportunities.

Discover how you can obtain more for what you are already paying. Find out innovative ways to get more clients in less time than your competitors.

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What marketing activities are you involved in?

Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

PiXEL marketing consultants are happy to review your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We promise to keep all information confidential.

Whether you are working already with an agency or someone at your company is taking care of marketing activities, you want to how to maximize profits from your online presence. Here is where we intervene to highlight those gaps in your marketing efforts that are making you lose money and time.

To find out more about what you can do about it, please fill out the form in the header and we will get in touch with you.

What Does the Marketing Audit Include

Website Audit
Let us analyze your website’s design, CTA and key technical aspects to detect areas of improvement.
Search Engine Optimization Audit
We will analyze your overall on-page and off-page SEO. Most importantly we will dive deeper and understand if your positioning is attracting your target customer.
Social Media Audit
We will analyze the traction you have on social media, channel optimization, posting frequency and engagement to assess growth opportunities.
Competitor Analysis
We will analyze what you can do to overcome your competitors by acknowledging who they are and analyzing key aspects of their strategies.
Marketing Automation Insights
We will focus on what software solutions you use how you take advantage of its features to optimize your marketing and sales processes.
Marketing Audit

Detect Problems

See where your marketing can improve. Where is your business losing money and what you can do to prevent it.
marketing campaigns

Take Action

Prioritize those campaigns that provide better results and bring you a step closer to your ideal customer.
monitor marketing results

Monitor Results

Analyze the performance of your campaigns. Understand what you need to focus on to improve your marketing strategies.

Free Marketing Audit FAQ

Why this audit is free?
This offer is limited and because we genuinely believe that you need to give and help grow other businesses to grow yours.
Do I have any obligation to hire your services upon delivery?
This free service does not include any purchase obligation. We do hope you use all the insights we provide and improve your marketing strategies.
Will you explain the audit to us?
Some of the details we analyze can be technical and this is something we can eventually tackle over a phone/zoom call.
What information do you need from us?
We would need the following information from you:

  • Website link
  • Social media links

  • CRM access in view mode

  • Analytics access in view mode

Additionally we might request information about your target market, business and marketing goals and some generic questions about your business.

Can you analyze more than website?
Since is an extensive audit we will keep it this time to your main website. If you have multiple websites we will request only one to analyze from.
How long does the audit take?
The audit takes between 3-4 days after we receive the information from you. Upon delivery, you can request a 20 min call to explain the doubts or questions you might have.
How detailed the audit is?
The audit is quite detailed since it needs to provide insights that help your business improve your current marketing initiatives.

Case Studies

Virtual Island Innovation

Your potential customers are online. People are searching for your business and previous customers are talking your services on social media.
What is stopping you from taking action?