Email Marketing for Law Firms

A strategic way to communicate with your clients via newsletters. A newsletter is a perfect tool for law firms to state your existence, your expertise, successful projects and what are you good at. Not to mention that law firms usually handle a lot of data from past and current clients. Therefore, this source of data is a great way to start engaging with your client.

Why there is a need for digital newsletters?

Many law firms and attorneys have heard already about the idea of newsletters and email marketing and it is not new to them. Furthermore, law firms and lawyers attend business meetings, client meetings, events or conferences on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, it isn’t so easy after so many social interactions to recount every single name, face and subject of the contact or meeting. So to ensure that your interaction has not been forgotten, an email marketing campaign will help your law firm stay top of mind with your existing audience.

Those customers that have hired your legal services or have been in touch with your law firm are your most loyal and biggest supports. In fact, many of them are already aware of the level of work and service you provide. For this reason, they would be happy to work with you again or trust your firm to handle any referrals they send your way. On the other hand, if your law firm is in a competitive practice area, newsletters are vital together with a multi-tiered approach of e-newsletters, blogs, and easy to manage websites.

Content examples for your digital newsletter

There are many types of content you can include in your newsletters. We can help you decide between the following forms of content:

  • Case Studies and Recent Cases that your firm won
  • Awards and Firm Recognition Prizes
  • Firm or Staff Member News
  • Community Service, Involvement and Sponsorships
  • Posts or Articles from your Firm’s Blog
  • Common Legal Questions and FAQs
  • Share Legal Related Articles from News & Media Websites
  • Changes in the Law, New Regulations from your Practice Area
  • Feature your Vlogs & Podcasts
  • Guides, Forms and Whitepapers
  • Promotional Content & Service Pitch

As you can see there are many content options to share with your target audience. By sharing valuable and free content you will be able to engage in more meaningful relationships with clients and networks.

Do you want to implement an effective email marketing strategy for your law firm? We can help you get started, create weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletters or communications for your law firm.

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