Conversion Rate Optimization for Law Firms


A website is a tool that adds value to your sales funnel. It is not relevant whether you have just launched your website or you had it for several years up and running the concept of conversion rate optimization will be equally helpful. Furthermore, you better start tracking your website results sooner than later.

With time you want your website to be a source of leads and not a mere resource that is just there because it has to be. Conversion rate optimization for law firms has the goal to convert your website into qualified leads. In essence, CRO is an extensive practice that combines copywriting, design and analytics to enhance your visitors’ experience and convert them into paying clients.

Before jumping into more details about how you can improve your CRO, it is important that you understand what is your visitor’s basic need when they land on your website. We list them starting from the most basic to most advanced needs.
Persuasiveness: is your website convincing visitors to submit their contact information? Are they booking appointments through your website?

Intuitiveness: Can users easily navigate and find information on your website?

Usability: Can visitors use your website without finding any difficulty?

Accessibility: Are visitor able to navigate your site despite any disability they might have?

Functionality: Is the website responsive and all its features are working accordingly?
These small details matter and there is no such thing as a secret formula that can put all these aspects together and make them work perfectly. That is why your law firm needs to constantly work on the optimization of the website and improve its performance and analyze what features should be improved.

We are going to guide you through eight essential elements you should be taking into account when building your website.

Easy to find Contact Details

When visitors are reaching your website, they should be able to take action immediately. Let´s say they are visiting your website because they need urgently an attorney for the case. When they land on your page your contact details should be easy to find so they can contact your firm immediately According to recent research:

  • 65.9% of website has a phone number in the top right corner.
  • 13.4% of law firm website includes a phone number or Contact Us button in the top left.
  • 78.1% had at least one CTA in the header.

Speed your Website’s Loading Time

Website speed is very important because when a website speed is very low visitors tend to leave the website. This will make the bounce rate increaser reducing the likelihood of someone contacting your law firm through your page. According to an experiment made by Google, you can see how much your bounce rate will increase depending on how much time the website is taking to load.

Resource: Think with Google

Create Custom Landing Pages and Run Google Adwords Campaigns

Landing pages are a great tool to use when you are launching a Google Adwords campaign and your goal is to send users to a specific landing page. The goal is, therefore, to prepare a landing page only for that service and provide resources for the user searching for it. When you are investing in advertisement you will most likely do not want to redirect your users to your homepage where they will find generic information and not what interests them. Therefore if you are preparing an AdWords campaign to attract visitors before the tax season, you want to make sure they hire your services and that your law firm obtains a high ROI from this campaign. To do that landing pages are a great solution.

Create and Track Value-Based Conversion Actions

When you launch an Advertisement Campaign or you optimize your website for search engines to attract more traffic, you need to define certain goals to achieve beforehand. The actions that are more measured can be:

  • Number of phone calls
  • Number of forms submitted
  • How many conversations happened on your website
  • Number of Visits to the contact page

Additionally to establishing goals in terms of how many phone calls your law firm received from a campaign you should always take into account the cost of that campaign. The reason behind it is because you want to estimate how much is costing you to bring a new client in and which is the method that brings you more quality leads at a lower cost be it through website, events or other forms of marketing that your law firm is using.

Send Follow Up Messages

As soon as someone reaches to your page and takes an action or requests a phone call make sure to send them a follow-up message be it via SMS or email to remind them of the action they’ve just taken. Customers have high expectations when hiring a service and for that reason, you want to follow up with them and make sure they are not contacting the next lawyer they find on the Internet.

Use Images & Videos to Increase Conversion Rate

The purpose of conversion is for visitors to take action on your website that leads them to hire your law firm services. Once they have landed on your page you want to include more than one call to action and explain the values and benefits of your firm through different content formats such as images or videos.

Adjust your Messaging to Speak to your Ideal Clients

To be able to speak to your clients you need to have them defined very well. Prepare different buyer persona for each one of your target clients and understand how they explain their pain points regarding your services. For instance what words they use to describe your services, what platforms they use to search for information

Track and Measure

Once you have established specific, measurable and time-bound goals you want to make measure if you have achieved them or at least what you can improve and what actions and efforts brought in more clients to your law firm. Before deciding whether to continue investing in a strategy it is wise to analyze how the current marketing strategy is performing. Tools such as Google Analytics or Data Studio can be used to measure your marketing campaign and show which are the most effective and successful marketing channels.

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