Conversational Marketing. How Law Firms Can Make a Better Use of Chatbots and Increase Sales

Conversational marketing is the art of using two-way conversations to drive action. These conversations help your law firm engage your prospects and build an authentic brand that inspires them to act. For law firms, that could mean getting prospects to sign up for a newsletter, checklist or contact your law firm for an appointment.
The idea is to engage in a conversation as soon as someone interacts with your website. We don’t mean an aggressive and sales-oriented conversation but one that brings in a valuable connection. According to Drift:


They bring back that human interaction that is irreplaceable and helps you gain the trust of your customers. The purpose of conversational marketing is to encourage prospects to say yes to higher-barrier asks. In essence, it ma it easier for you to convert interested prospects in your services.

Here are a few reasons why your law firm should implement email marketing:

  • Immediate engagement: Prospects do not need to fill a form to receive an answer. They receive it as soon as they start engaging with your chatbot.
  • Freedom to reach out on their terms. Customers are all the time in charge of starting the conversations and finishing it when they want to do so. They have no pressure from a firm’s side to provide an answer immediately.
  • Highly-relevant exchange. The information provided is relevan to the customer reducing therefore the chance of leaving the conversation.
    Message is well-received. Since is the customer that has started the conversation and expects a response, is not a sudden and aggressive reaction.
  • Extra human touch. Let’s face it conversations are irreplaceable.

Why your law firm needs conversational marketing?

Doing business in today’s complex world means only one thing that you have to embrace technology before your competitors does that. For some law firms this is a competitive advantage and for others is a curse because they are between straggling to understand the technology and keeping afloat their firms.
Now the benefits of conversational marketing and chatbots are countless. You can now bring closer clients, potential clients ad lawyers together since chatbots are remarkably versatile ad can be applied to almost any services. The main benefits of using chatebots for your law firm are:

  • Support 24/7. Your chatbot is available 24/7 to answer questions your customers might have. You can provide scripted answers to multiple questions and provide legal help whenever is needed.
  • Faster response times. Chatbots are quick to understand customer questions and therefore providing them with the help they need to solve their questions.
  • Improved data collection. Chatbots are equipped with tools that allow them to store the data of your customers and send it to your CRM. You can easily get reports with insights and performance information that allows you to improve your scripts and chatbot features to deliver a betters service.
  • Tailored customer service. Law firms can use chatbots to educate their clients regarding services they are interested in. Lawyers at your firm avoid spending time with those questions because now clients will reach to them only when they are ready to purchase.
  • Better lead generation processes. Besides collecting relevant data now your law firm can improve the lead generation process and capture your contacts details and questions.
  • Better customer support. With the help of chatbots you educate your customers regarding the services your law firm is providing and how you could help them. This is relevant especially because you can display and automate all your expertise and provide a quick answer to whoever is seeking it.

A chatbot an execute the tasks mentioned above and a lot more. It is important not to forget that chatbots are becoming more and more relevant if you are looking to scale and grow your law firm.

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