What before was a shortlist with few software solutions for law firms, nowadays the decision of choosing a software solution has become incredibly complex with so many providers in the market. For that reason, we made a list of the most complete software solutions. From cloud-based to case management, to billing and accounting, we have outlined the most used, complete legal practice management software for law firms.

Software for Law Firm Management

We are often asked, “What is the best software for law firms?”. To answer that question we rely on solutions that cover most processes in a law firm or that can be later customized according to our client’s preferences and practice areas.

When analyzing which are the best solutions we wanted to make sure the following features were included:

  • Practice Management
  • Time and Billing
  • Accounting
  • Document Management

When searching for a software solution, we recommend that law firms start by identifying what functions and features are most important to them. This will help them narrow down a long list of software that law firms use. Below there is a list of common features that software for legal firms include:

We work closely with law firms across Europe, and in doing so our clients want to know which are the best solutions for legal practice management software. Below you will find a curated list of the most used legal case management software in Europe for all company sizes:

Best Legal Practice Management Software for 2020

Our list to supercharge your Law Firm includes the following solutions:

  1. Amberlo
    Amberlo is a cloud-based law practice management software built for legal professionals providing all the necessary tools to run a modern legal practice in a more efficient way. Lawyers can manage legal cases, plan activities, improve communication, track hours and expenses and issue invoices. Track all the activity of your law firm in a simple and efficient way. Features: Matter Management, Contact Management, Time Management, Invoices and Payments, Automated Document Management, Calendar and Task Management.
    Website: https://www.amberlo.io/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/2OpWaAe
  2. Athennian
    Athennian is a legal entity management software used by law firms and legal departments to organize and automate their firms. Athennian is a platform designed to be used anywhere in the world. This software allows a firm set up services and teams according to their requirements. Features: Cloud-based (multi-tenant), Document Assembly, e-signature, Office365 Integrated, Internet grade security, Workflow-based software, Open API Integrations.
    Website: https://www.athennian.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/2S1dVIB
  3. Practice Panther
    Practice Panther is easy to use and intuitive law practice management software. So far is the software with the best reviews when it comes to ease of use, features and value for money. It operates in English and Spanish and you can share safely your data across multiple devices. This cloud solution allows your firm to work from anywhere using only a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
    Website: https://app.practicepanther.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/2RX2Nfx
  4. Nextpoint
    NextPoint is an amazing tool for document eDiscovery. Law firms can easily share and manage depositions and transcripts, create custom documents and call-outs. The software is designed to automate the entire document process review and customize everything in real-time. Therefore companies can easily collaborate. One of the downs is that “almost in real-time” part. Since few firms have experimented issues when collaborating.
    Website: https://www.nextpoint.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/36SQsNK
  5. HoudiniEsq
    HoudineEsq is an AI-Powered Legal Practice Software that enables your law firm to be more efficient and work from everywhere. Their pricing model makes this tool an affordable option not only for teams but also for solo practitioners. With HoudiniEsq you can organize and visualize your critical data with ease.
    Features: Case Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Calendaring & Docketing, Accounting, Reports, Workflow Automation, Billing, Contracts, Email Integration, Secure Client Portal.
  6. InfoFlo
    InfoFlo is an easy to use CRM to handle all your firm’s matters in one place. Available in 10 languages (Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Danish, French…) these platforms are designed to optimize a law firm’s workflow and cut your monthly cost by 50%. This software has been so far the most complete one that beautifully integrates CRM, Voice and Payment Tools with 92% positive reviews.
    Website: https://infoflosolutions.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/2tteBNc
  7. Rocket Matter
    Rocket Matter offers a complete range of legal software tools that lead to higher productivity and profits. Their main features are time and billing, automated legal case management, document management and automation and online payments collection. Website: https://www.rocketmatter.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/373hPVD
  8. Xakia
    Xakia is a practice management software offering a simple matter management system that centralizes all your data, technology and information in one place. Therefore your law firm can gain holistic insights into their operations and have a clear overview of what is happening in your business. Their intuitive and simple features definitely helped them earn very positive reviews.
    Website: https://www.xakiatech.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/2uiRVQc
  9. App4Legal
    App4legal provides a one-stop solution for legal departments. It combines both legal and administration tools. The software allows users to customize and manage different workflows, tasks and assignments, reporting and it also keeps informed about their spending and expensive at all times. App4legal is has become one of the most relevant solutions not only for the European but also for the Arabic speaking countries.
  10. CaseFox
    CaseFox is an easy to use web-based timekeeping and billing software. They automate the main routinary tasks in a law firm office and can be used by a variety of professionals, including consultants, attorneys and other professionals that bill their clients for their services.
    Website: https://www.casefox.com/
    Reviews: http://bit.ly/3bb5bqQ

We have reviewed the 10 best software solutions for the legal industry with support in European countries. Now depending on your firm’s size, activity and needs you want to consider the above options. We have chosen them because of their reviews in terms of ease of use, value for money, features and customer support.

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